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The problem isn’t that we can’t take a joke. The problem is that white comedians and their fans believe they are above reproach.

There are some common phrases that come out when people want to derail a legitimate debate on the Internet (particularly on Twitter): “You’re overly sensitive” or “If you weren’t so hostile, people would listen to you” or “You’re taking things too personally” or “I don’t find this offensive” or “You probably just misunderstood.”

If comedians want to protest the racist name of the Redskins football team and to ban racist mascots, as the comedian’s defenders claim is his goal, there are a variety of ways to organize and to highlight this issue. But this isn’t about white liberals wanting to change the name, or their devotion to destroying settler-colonialism: It’s about their feeling entitled to make jokes about “The Other” in the name of “progress.” This does nothing to alleviate the burden of people of color; it simply perpetuates a part of the entertainment industry in which our marginalization remains profitable.

The logic of those who argue “Get Over It” is set up to privilege reckless behavior by placing the blame on the audience. But if the joke isn’t actually racist, then why have so many racist slurs been hurled at those of us promoting #CancelColbert? The outrage surrounding our criticism is about white liberals feeling entitled to engage in hate speech under the guise of “satire.” These white liberals are not mad that we pointed out racism, they are mad that they now have to consider the ways in which they may be racist.

Our history in this country should make us eager to stand in solidarity with other groups – Natives, Asians, Latinos — who are wronged by racism. (And no, I’m not talking about reverse racism, which isn’t a thing, white people. I’m talking about the racially problematic attitudes that the system of white supremacy has created.)

We should never be the ones even remotely insinuating that someone is being hypersensitive about racism. We know how wrong it is and how dismissive it feels when people say it to us.

If Colbert had used the N-word instead to prove his point about Natives, we would have been outraged. And we would have seen #CancelColbert as the only appropriate response. Yet, many of the folks I dialogued with felt that calls to cancel the show were too much, and suggested that an apology was more appropriate.

One, we never get to tell the harmed group what the proper response to racial injury should be for them. Two, rather than critiquing the strategy, why not simply send a tweet or email demanding an apology? Solidarity is rarely simple, but choosing not to minimize someone else’s struggle is quite easy.

If you’re asian American and you claim to not be offended by colbert’ s use of a racial slur then I need you to realize that you don’t speak for the Asian community as a whole. Your asian roots don’t validate your fucking opinion. Instead, I’d like you to realize that you are merely an obstruction in our fight for respect and equality in America. By saying that you are not offended, you basically encourage white people to use your testimony as evidence that we are somehow overreacting. And if you were stepped on your entire life, if white people had mutilated you in order to fit you into some misguided stereotype, then I’m sure you wouldn’t just sit quietly and frantically wave your flag of first amendment right s and the dictionary definition of satire so petulantly you fucking child.

I know all about you and your eagerness to assimilate into American culture. You, who is embarrassed whenever your parents speak and their native tongue bleeds into their accented English. You, who watched youtube videos on ”how to be a ninja” and laughed. You embraced the stereotypes given to you by ignorant white people. You laughed along as they imitated your love of rice and small eyes. But rice is what your family eats, for it is their bread. And you are a descendant of proud ancestors who have passed down the trait of small eyes. And yet you laugh and let them degrade you. You stand by as they throw all the diverse cultures of Malaysia, Vietnam, Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Laos into one big melting pot. It doesn’t matter if you were never good at math, it doesn’t matter if you are boisterous, here you are but one stereotype that is reinforced over and over again in the media. And now when our fight for respect has progressed to the point where white people can no longer claim ignorance for we have educated them, they want to cower under their pathetic excuse of satire.

I don’t give a damn if you are not personally offended, for the fact that you are willing to defend some subset of humor instead of your asian community is an example of what internalized racism looks like.

To be clear, the author does not believe, nor has she ever believed, The Colbert Report would be canceled, but headlines, and #WeReallyReallyJustWantAnApology wouldn’t really work at garnering attention. Seriously, he’ll be fine. He’s not getting threats of rape or murder. Nor will he lose his job. He's a white male making millions for the entertainment business.

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